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The 'Camønoen' is Møn's answer to the famous pilgrimage route El Camino (Caminoen) in northern Spain.

What is 'Camønoen'?

Camønoen is known as the kingdom's friendliest hiking route, which with its 175 km finds its way around the three South Zealand islands of Møn, Nyord and Bogø. On the trip awaits an abundance of diverse experiences - both natural and cultural. Here you will, among other things, pass forests and beaches, cliffs, hill country and flat stretches with breathtaking views, cozy small towns and unique frescoes.

Follow the signs

The Camøno consists of a main route of 175 km and several alternative routes of a total of 40 km. The main route is marked with orange signs, while the alternative routes are marked with ocher yellow signs. Signage makes it possible to follow the route in both directions.

The Camøno's route is signposted discreetly in the beautiful island landscapes, however, it is still evolving as experience is gathered. Along the route, water posts and meeting points have been set up, and local enthusiasts have gathered along the route to give you an extra experience.

Different levels of difficulty

With its different levels of difficulty, the Camøno is an offer for everyone. Here are challenges for experienced hikers as well as for pure beginners. Both adults and children can participate.

Accommodation along the way

Along the route you can spend the night in a tent, stay at a B&B, in a shelter, shed, a pavilion, in a hostel, in pilgrimage homes, in private homes or even in a castle.

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